Life is too short...

I realized something today...

Life is too short to let pain consume your soul.

I'm not going into any details about what brought this on, or how it has affected my life... the people who really need to, will understand this post, when and if they read it.

For everybody else, I'll just say this...

  • Everybody in this world has their own ideas of what "right" and "wrong" are. If somebody hurts you in the course of doing what they truly believed was "right", even if you don't agree, or if you know that their decision was based on information which was skewed, incomplete, or otherwise incorrect, then there's no point in hanging on to the pain. Let it go.

  • At some point, any emotional pain will start to feed on itself, where just feeling that pain makes you hurt even more. It can even reach the point where the original cause of the pain is almost meaningless, and the pain exists for its own sake. This can be hard to recognize, especially when your thought processes are being affected by the same pain. Let it go.


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MojoSteve the Lightningman said...

I have that same "let it go" frame of mind when I think about the wasted years that I never had with my father. Crys has a hard time believeing that it doesn't bother me or consume me that I was basicaly forgotten about, even after several attempts by myself at reconciling, but I learned a long time ago to let it go. Sure, it bothered the hell outta me, and occasionally it still does but I nip it in he bud REALLY quick when it croses my mind. Of course, I could ve equally bitter about how little me and my mom's husband have ever really talked in the 25 years they've been married, but hey, it happens. I let it go.

Instead, I suck it up and remember that I have great friends like you to lean on instead.

Love ya', bro.